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Cranial Titanium Mesh

We manufacture precision cranial titanium mesh materials for high quality cranial plating systems. Our light gauge, high strength and ductile titanium materials offer advantageous properties for meshes used in reconstructive neurosurgical procedures, such as cranial flap fixation.
Titanium Mesh for Fixation of Cranial Bones
Our titanium mesh materials operate in cranial plating platforms for internal fixation of the craniomaxillofacial skeleton – addressing neuro, craniofacial, and orthognathic surgery. Procedures include reconstruction, fracture repair and craniotomies. These involve restoring the skull's contours with a custom graft made from biocompatible material such as titanium mesh.
Titanium alloys
Precision strip and foil engineered from 1.5mm in thicknesses from (.060”) down to 1.5 microns (0.00006”).
Customizable Materials for Enhanced Cranial Plating Systems
We have the ability to process premium quality medical-grade titanium alloys to engineer custom cranial mesh materials to meet your exact needs. Our expertise in customizing material size, surface finish and mechanical properties translates to improvements in finished product quality. This high customization maximises the performance of your cranial plating system and allows it to be precisely contoured to match patient anatomy.
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