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High strength metals for enhanced aircraft performance


Hamilton Precision Metals has built a reputation for first class product quality and reliability. That’s why leading commercial, space, and defense aviation programs use our high performance materials. As aviation technology advances, so does our expertise in engineering light weight, high strength materials that allow aircraft to fly more efficiently than ever.
Leadership in Aerospace Metals
We have more than 80 years experience developing precision strip and foil products for critical aerospace applications worldwide. Our aerospace portfolio includes:
Typical Aerospace Alloys
Our aerospace alloys deliver high strength and excellent heat resistance including:
No Margin for Error
At 35,000 feet, every detail matters. We’re dedicated to engineering precision material to your exacting specifications – whether that’s custom sizes, custom surface finishes and controlled mechanical properties.
Lighter, Stronger and Heat Resistant Materials
Choosing the best alloy for your application is key to having an optimized final product. When it comes to designing components for the aerospace industry, you need a material that is lighter, yet stronger, and resistant to hotter temperatures. Our metallurgists support you in selecting the optimum material to enhance the performance of your aircraft application.
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Matt Lappen, strip foil product manager 
Matt Lappen
Product Manager, Precision Strip
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