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Strip and Foil materials for Jet fan blade manufacture

Jet Engine Fan Blades

We are experts in rolling thick precision brazing foil for use in the production of jet engine fan blades and housings. With 30 years of aerospace experience, Hamilton Precision Metal supplies material in the consistency, thicknesses and thickness control required for this critical application.
Structural Honeycomb Cores
Placed between the inner and outer skins on both sides of a titanium metal honeycomb, the brazing foil joins critical parts of the engine. Using heat and pressure, the skin and honeycomb are sandwiched into strong, structural components. With their ease of fabricability and naturally high temperatures, immense strength, and corrosion-resistant properties, Nickel-based alloys and Cobalt-based alloys, CP Titanium, and Titanium alloys in continuous precision strip and foil form are the most common metals and alloys used in structural honeycomb.
Delivering ease of fabricability, high temperature resistance and high strength properties, Nickel-based alloys and Cobalt-based alloy in precision foil form are the most common alloys used in structural honeycomb.
Precision heat resistant brazing foil rolled from 0.0001” to 0.0004” (0.0025mm to 0.01mm) thick.
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