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Trusted and relied upon by OEMs in the medical sector, Hamilton Precision Metals has the expertise to engineer implantable-grade material used in life-saving coronary stents. Our ability to customize biocompatible materials to specific customer requirements, combined with our world-class service, makes us the go-to precision metal strip supplier for arterial stent manufactures worldwide.
We offer a range of medical-grade strip alloys that are engineered to enhance stent performance.
  • MP35N® LTI
  • Implantable grade SS 316L (ASTM F139)
  • L-605™ Cobalt base alloy
  • Sizes
    Our team can manufacture metal strip and foil to the tightest tolerances and thinnest gauges in the industry — from 1.5 mm (.060”) down to 1.5 microns (0.00006”) thickness.
    A stent is a tiny metal structure that is inserted into the artery, via a catheter, following balloon angioplasty to compress plaque to the artery wall. The stent remains in the artery as a "scaffold" to hold it open, improving blood flow to the heart. Our engineers work with you to develop bespoke properties to maximize the performance of your stent.
    Successful Stent Insertion and Performance
    We have decades of experience supplying biocompatible materials for arterial stents with the precise dimensional tolerance and mechanical properties required for successful stent insertion and performance.
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