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Heat resistant metal strip and foil for industrial use


We have the expertise to process high temperature and corrosion resistant alloys. This allows us to engineer high performance materials for the industrial sector, including chemical processing and advanced manufacturing.
Custom-Made to Your Exacting Industrial Application
Successful material solutions require precision, quality, and high customization. We have the expertise to tightly control sizes, surface finishes and properties for your exact critical industrial application including:
Typical Industrial Alloys
Best-In-Class Metallurgical Expertise
We are experts in producing metal materials with the required physical and medical properties to achieve excellent machinability, and the desired mechanical properties after hardening.
Extreme Corrosion Resistant Metals
Our team of engineers specialize in processing extreme corrosion and heat resistant metals that perform consistently in highly corrosive environments.
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Matt Lappen, strip foil product manager 
Bob Crawford
Business Development Manager
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