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Precision Metal Stampings

Hamilton Precision Metals has been manufacturing metal strip and foil for stampers for decades. We have the ability to custom-engineer materials that offer outstanding properties for deep drawing processes.
Custom Materials for Stamping & Deep Drawn Manufacturing
Working from our advanced rolling mill, our metallurgists utilize state-of-the-art equipment to deliver precision material. We can control the sizes, surface finishes and mechanical properties with the thinnest gauges. Advantages include:
  • Fine Grain Size - Improves drawability
  • Highly Ductile - Reduces processing steps
  • Surface Finish - Eliminates splitting, mitigates cosmetic issues improving yields
  • Gauge Control - Repeatability in the stamp / draw process
Deep drawing requires homogeneous fine grain microstructure and consistent mechanical properties. At Hamilton Precision Metals, we tightly control all variables to ensure our materials deliver superior formability for the most complex deep drawing processes.
Typical alloys we process for stamping include:
Metal strip for stamping and deep drawing is engineered from 1.5 mm (.060”) down to 1.5 microns (0.00006”) thickness.
Unrivalled Surface Finish & Gauge Control
High quality stamping is dependent on consistent and unform materials. That’s why we offer custom surface finishes from ultra-smooth to matte, and precise gauge control. Our metallurgists work with you to develop special, customized, application and process specific surface finishes - to maximise the performance of your product.
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