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High strength metals for enhanced aircraft performance

Airbag Igniters

At Hamilton Precision Metals, we work with automakers around the world to develop world-class, life-saving automotive safety systems for today’s most advanced vehicles. This includes producing resistance foils for critical heating elements used to ignite airbag accelerants. We can provide these specialty alloys in the quantities and sizes necessary for accurate and repeatable processing.
We are the world’s leading supplier of Evanohm® R used for the airbag igniter industry. We also offer a variety of other materials for this application including:
Manufactured to the exact thickness needed for reliable production and operation; as low as 2.5 microns.
Automotive Safety Systems Powered by Highest Quality Foils
Automotive safety systems need to be reliable, precise, and life-saving airbag igniters are no exception. For maximum dependability, they need to be engineered with the highest-quality materials and know-how. Using advanced technology and high-performance alloys, our metallurgists deliver precision metal foils to exacting dimensional tolerances, custom sizes, and mechanical properties – all within a tightly controlled quality system.
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