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strain gauges and ultra-thin foil for automatic vending machines

Flexible Metal Foil Heaters

Our precision alloys are used by flexible foil heater manufacturers around the world. They rely on Hamilton Precision Metals for the critical chemistry, mechanical properties, and tolerancing required for their heater products. The heaters are used in a variety of applications such as telecommunication switching equipment, medical diagnostic devices, and aircraft components to guard against cold at high altitudes.
Hamilton Precision Metals offers a broad array of special foil alloys that deliver superior and uniform performance for flexible resistance heaters including:
We engineer foil material for flexible heaters from 0.004" down to 0.0004" (0.1 mm to 0.01 mm) in thickness.
Flexible metal foil resistance heaters provide a method of putting heat exactly where it is required for the application. The metal foil is generally laminated to a backing, then a grid is etched in the foil that provides a specified heat range based on the foil's resistance to current.
Repeatable Results Without Changes to Etching
Hamilton Precision Metals is capable of manufacturing to your exacting sizes while maintaining tight thickness control. The thickness control, along with our ability to provide exact resistance data, allows repeatable results without any changes to etching by the heater manufacturer.
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