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High strength metals for enhanced aircraft performance

Metal Diaphragms for Burst Discs

Oil and gas operations utilize pressure activation technology, during all stages of oil and natural gas processing. Hydraulic fracturing systems and oil refinery flowmeters rely on these rupture discs for overpressure protection, using our precision strip and foil for these safety-critical applications.
Our portfolio of grades for metal diaphragms products include:
We can provide metal strip for diaphragm seals below 0.006” (0.15mm) in thickness and up to 12” wide.
Rupture Disks for Hydraulic Fracturing
Hydraulic fracturing is a process that stimulates wells by fracturing bedrock with pressurized liquid. By creating cracks in subsea rock formations, gas and petroleum can flow freely and be collected. This process creates large amounts of pressure, which can pose potential threats to an operation. Rupture discs and other pressure relief devices are essential to prevent unsafe amounts of pressure from accumulating. Our materials for rupture discs are precision-engineered with the highest quality alloys for accurate performance.
Pressure Safety Disks for Oil Refinery Flowmeters
Oil and gas refinery flowmeters are used to measure high accuracy flow and density measurements. Rupture discs allow for any pressurized fluid to exit the instrument before an over-pressure event can cause damage. We have the expertise to process strip with ultra-tight thickness control and precise mechanical properties for consistent diaphragm manufacturing and instrument response.
Our precision materials are manufactured to exacting specifications for stampers that supply metal diaphragm manufacturers. Our strip products deliver significant advantages including:
  • Corrosion Resistance- Reduces premature failure and mitigates contamination
  • Strength - Low or high strength products
  • High Elastic Modulus - Uniform strain rates
  • Thickness & Tolerance - Reduced calibration requirements
  • Consistent Mechanical Properties - Repeatable performance
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