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Biocompatible materials for implants like pacemaker and surgical instruments


We proudly supply custom-engineered metal strip and foil for critical implantable devices and surgical instruments in the medical arena. Our innovative metal materials offer unique properties and characteristics to enable the evolution of smaller, lighter, and safer medical devices.
Ultimate Precision in Life-Saving Medical Metals
We have more than 80 years expertise in rolling precision strip and foil for the metal forming companies that make hermetic shields for the world’s largest medical device manufacturers. Other critical medical applications include:
Typical Medical Alloys
Customized To Your Exacting Medical Application
Our range of highly customized medical-grade alloys combined with our metallurgical expertise, makes us the go-to material supplier for leading medical device and surgical instrument manufacturers worldwide.
Smaller, Lighter, and Safer Medical Devices
When it comes to designing medical devices, you need a material that is lighter, stronger, thinner, and highly corrosion resistant. Our metallurgists support you in selecting the optimum material to maximize the performance of your implantable device. This enables minimally invasive surgery, minimized patient risks and improved patient care.
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