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Custom-made materials for automotive safety


As the automotive industry continues to evolve, our innovative materials support the advancement of safer, more reliable, and more efficient vehicles.
Higher Performance Metals for The Automotive Industry
Our metallurgists strive to produce automotive materials with precise dimensional tolerances and mechanical properties. You’ll find out strip and foil products in numerous critical automotive systems in today’s vehicles including:
  • Automotive sensors and controls
  • Brazing Foils
  • Weaving Reeds and Dents
Typical Automotive Alloys
Precision-Engineered To Your Specific Automotive Application
We deliver custom sizes, custom surface finishes, controlled mechanical properties and the thinnest gauges for automotive applications - down to 1.5 microns.
Safer Automotive Material Solutions Since 1939
Automotive safety systems need to be reliable, precise, and capable of saving lives. Our engineers develop custom material solutions using the highest quality alloys to ensure maximum automotive performance - and they do it all under a rigorously controlled quality system.
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