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High strength metals for enhanced aircraft performance

Metal Diaphragms for Aerospace Sensors

Hamilton Precision Metals is a leading supplier of high-quality foil for diaphragms used in aerospace rupture disks and pressure relief systems. These instruments operate as safety devices for hydraulic lines, pneumatic controls, and air data systems. Our foils are engineered to our customers’ tight specifications for consistency and reliability in these mission-critical devices.
We use the highest-quality alloys for specialized aerospace sensor applications including:
We can process metal strip for diaphragm seals below 0.006” (0.15mm) in thickness and up to 12” wide.
We manufacture precision materials for stampers that supply metal diaphragm manufacturers worldwide. Our strip products deliver significant advantages including:
  • Corrosion Resistance - Reduces premature failure and mitigates contamination
  • Strength - Low or high strength products
  • High Elastic Modulus - Uniform strain rates
  • Thickness & Tolerance - Reduced calibration requirements
  • Consistent Mechanical Properties - Repeatable performance
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