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1.5 mm? or 1.5 microns? Tell us your definition of thin metal strip or foil.

Thickness Capability and Tolerance Chart

Think of the HPM metallurgical staff as an integral member of your R&D team. We can assist you in determining the right metal or alloy for your application based on required mechanical properties and surface finishes. We can produce experimental and short-run lots for your prototypes. And we can verify and test final product parameters prior to order placement. In fact, the HPM engineering team stands ready to assist your in-house team any step along the way.

As an initial next step in your specification process, please access our extensive library of technical data sheets below to research which HPM metal and alloy best satisfies your application, whether:

  • Stainless and heat-resisting steels
  • Nickel and high-nickel alloys
  • Nickel-based superalloys
  • Cobalt-based superalloys
  • Precision resistance and strain-gage alloys
  • Copper and copper alloys
  • Titanium
  • Controlled-expansion alloys

Contact HPM sales or technical support for any assistance you may need.

Medical and Surgical Products

HPM supplies all of the metal-forming companies that make the hermetic shield and cans for the largest pacemaker, drug-infusion pump and electronic implant manufacturers around the world. CP Grade 1 Titanium is the preferred material due to its light weight, biocompatibility and ability to be deep-drawn into the desired shape and EB-welded to provide a hermetic seal. HPM has more than a decade of experience supplying this critical medical market while consistently maintaining surface cleanliness and cosmetic finish of the highest quality.

Instrumentation/Measurement Components

Instrumentation/measurement components – .0001" to .0002" (.0025mm - .0050mm) thick precision resistor alloy foil is used in the manufacture of metal foil resistance strain gages, which serve as the active element in electronic load cells and other load- or strain-sensing applications. HPM supplies the leading strain-gage manufacturers with a range of materials, including Constantan, Evanohm® R (Karma) and Platinum-Tungsten. HPM stocks a variety of Constantan metals with thermal expansion compensation behavior to match aluminum, mild steel or stainless steel load-cell spring elements. Qualities include an ultra-smooth and clean surface for bonding, minimal pinholes and ultra-tight thickness control.

Aerospace Industry

HPM rolls .0001" to .0004" (.0025mm to .01mm) thick precision brazing foil for use in the production of jet engine fan blades and housings. Placed between the inner and outer skins on both sides of a metal honeycomb, the brazing foil joins critical parts of the engine. Using heat and pressure, the skin and honeycomb are sandwiched into strong, structural components. With 20 years of experience in aerospace, HPM supplies material in the consistency, thicknesses and thickness control required for this critical application.