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Hamilton Precision Metals inspire future scientists

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Hamilton Precision Metals engineers inspire female scientists of the future at ‘GET IT!’ science, engineering and technology event

Three female engineers from Hamilton Precision Metals spent the day with girls from fourth, fifth and sixth school grades on July 18 as part of an innovative ‘GET IT!’ camp that took place at C. E. Cole Intermediate School, Muhlenberg School District, near Reading, Pennsylvania, USA. The event was held to encourage girls living and going to school in the area to consider science and engineering as a career.

Throughout the event the participants were led through workshops in various topics, including engaging practically with the engineering and design process, developing teamwork and problem-solving skills and learning how women can forge successful careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Hamilton Precision Metal employees Lori Eshleman (Quality Systems Manager), Christina Ciganik (Process Engineer) and Angela Beck (Production Planner, Foil) met with the participants over lunch and offered career advice and further insight into their work at Hamilton Precision Metals.

Christina Ciganik, Process Engineer, said of their involvement, “I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to talk with future female engineers and leaders at this event. These girls built some pretty cool solar cars to race. Balancing functionality and design, the girls learned the many factors that go into creating useable products. Growing up, I too attended a few engineering-focused summer camps; those experiences greatly contributed to my desire to become an engineer myself. The more opportunities we can give young women to connect with women who have made a career out of science or engineering, the more confident they will be to pursue those roles themselves.”

GET IT! stands for ‘Girls in Engineering, Technology and Information Technology’. The event stemmed from research revealed in a report by the National Girls Collaborative Project in 2018, which explained that, while girls and boys do not significantly differ in their abilities in science and mathematics, there are disparities in the levels of interest and confidence in the subjects with girls falling behind their male counterparts. Google for Education also reported that women constitute 47% of the overall workforce in America, however they only make up 28% of the workforce across science and engineering sectors.

Hamilton Precision Metals is a specialty re-roller of metal strip, foil and ultra-thin foil in a wide range of alloys and specialty metals. These high-performance products are manufactured to the tightest tolerances and thinnest gauges in the industry for critical applications in the medical, aerospace, instrumentation and measurement components markets.