Customs metal solutions for fighter jets airframes and engines

Thursday, August 3, 2017

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products (SMP) is a world leader in the production of precision tubing, precision strip, wire and foil, high-purity metal powders, master alloys, and clad metals that are used extensively throughout the aerospace and defence industry.

AMETEK SMP provides high-performance materials that support the most critical aerospace applications and span a range of products including:

AMETEK SMP consists of six businesses. It includes Superior Tube, Fine Tubes, Reading Alloys, Hamilton Precision Metals, AMETEK Wallingford, and AMETEK Eighty-Four.

“AMETEK SMP is a key Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier to civil, military and space programs and holds extensive approvals from the major airframes and engine primes,” explains Andy Millett, Product Manager. “We work directly with the major OEMs, and we also work with their direct suppliers. In addition, we work closely with distributors.”

AMETEK SMP has established a reputation for first-class product quality and reliability. That is the reason why so many leading military and commercial aviation programs use its custom metal solutions.

“We have a long record of providing tubing for defence applications, from fuel lines to vent and hydraulic lines,” says Millett. “We’re talking about the highest quality tubing that can be used in ‘no failure option’ situations. Lockheed Martin, for example, has come to rely on our ability to deliver products that can reliably contribute to the efficiency and readiness of their aircraft and other equipment.”

Having supplied the aerospace industry with high-performance tubes for more than 50 years, Fine Tubes has a proven history in turning the design concepts of today into the industry standards of tomorrow.

“Our aerospace tubes are generally used in airframes, aircraft engines and instrumentation in which pilot and passengers equally rely on them to withstand the most critical conditions,” comments Brian Mercer, Global Sales and Marketing Director.

“Currently, our materials experts are developing titanium alloys which demonstrate further steps forward in terms of strength-to-weight savings. Such alloys bring innovative solutions to both hydraulic systems and mechanical products used in flight surface actuation such as wings, flaps and slats,” he adds.

Master alloys and powder coatings made from Reading Alloys’ high-performance materials are key elements in future-generation products for the aerospace, aircraft, airframe and military industries, where superior precision and quality are essential.

“The growth in the new platforms certainly increased the demand for master alloys,” explains Graham Walker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our master alloys are used in the production of rotating parts that are certified to meet or exceed the rigid specifications of all principal main engine manufacturers.”

“One of the highlights of working in the aerospace and defence industry for me is being able to visit the Paris Air Show and getting close-up views of some of the very latest machines and equipment, such as the Lockheed Martin F-35,” concludes Andy Millett.