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Processing the Widest Range of Metals and Alloys to Meet Your Critical Tolerances

Whether used for medical instrumentation, aerospace technology, computers and electronics, automotive or countless other industries and markets, HPM is the world's premier source for rolled metal strip and foil.

HPM products are in the scales at your supermarket, aboard the satellites that circle our globe, and designed into automotive sensors. Our alloys are surgically implanted in the form of medical cans and integrated into the CRTs of PCs and televisions. They are ultimately made into diaphragms, strain gages, membrane switches, metal stampings, electronic connectors, and more.

HPM metals are critical to applications worldwide
Strain Gage and Precision Resistor Foils
Cathode Ray Tube and various television parts
Diaphragms – convoluted and flat
Aerospace Applications
Dome or Membrane switches for cell phones and industrial applications
Implantable medical cans
Endoscopic equipment and surgical staplers
Electronic connectors
Automotive sensors and controls
Precision metal stampings
Photo Chemical Machining Industry
Flexible Metal Foil Heaters and Circuits
Rotary Dies
Brazing Foils
Appliance and Industrial Control Applications
Weaving Reeds and Dents