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Who We Are

Hamilton Precision Metals represents the culmination of over 80 years of dedication to the metal rolling craft, producing quality, accuracy, and consistency wherever critical design meets optimal performance.

Global Business with a Small-Town Touch

Making Lancaster County its home since 1939, Hamilton Precision Metals has evolved out of the legendary watch manufacturer, by the same name, to become the world’s foremost leader in custom metal re-rolling capabilities. Today, we supply mission critical markets including: medical implants, automotive components, high-performance electronics, and aerospace.

Dedicated to Precision and Quality

Our mission is to manufacture precision strip that delivers value to our customers by satisfying their unique needs and requirements. In addition to our precise rolling mills, we also use strand-annealing furnaces with protective atmospheres and our strict process controls to produce desired mechanical properties. In-house grinding and pickling services provide highly desirable surface finishes and removal of tenacious oxides. Finally, our high-precision strip and foil slitters, with widths as low as 0.010”, produce a final product exactly to customer specifications.

80 Years of Unrivalled Metallurgy Expertise

By committing to meet or exceed customer needs for consistent quality and value, HPM separates itself from the competition by producing heavy gauge strip, light gauge strip, and ultra-thin foil to the most demanding requirements known in the industry:

  • Thicknesses down to .000060 inches (1.5 microns), to the tightest tolerances, depending on the alloy
  • Ultra-high purity Titanium, Nickel, and alloyed metals
  • Mechanical and Electrical properties
  • Surface finishes from rough to very smooth
  • Magnetic characteristics

Whatever your application, Hamilton Precision Metals offers the products, unrivalled metallurgy expertise, and latest technologies to meet your mission-critical strip needs.